Free hug party on the way to Sahagún

Since I have passed Leon, the number of pilgrims has decreased dramatically. But people coming out of the long walks in the Meseta are very open minded and my "free hugs" are very successful. 
But, as you know, my objective is not to be the only person who gives peace and free hugs on the Camino. 

I have tried different ways to make free hugs contagious. The easiest way is when a group of pilgrims is coming. 

I hug the first two persons, and why they are waiting for the others to get their hug, I propose them to hug each other as well. 

Several times, this ended up in a general "free hug party". 
Nothing can make me happier than seeing these happy faces, friends and strangers greeting each other, in other words people giving love, peace and tenderness to each other.