Tears on my shoulder

As you can see from the pictures, free hugs usually generate a lot of joy. But sometimes, they also create deep moments of emotion. 
One day, a young Italian girl jumped in my arms as soon as she had understood that I was giving "abbraccio". 

She stayed in my arms for at least one minute crying on my shoulder. She had a lot of emotion and she was glad that she could let it out. 

Leaving Ponferrada, I met a young Spanish girl who cried in my arms. She had just met her ex-girlfriend whom she wanted to forget. She needed to tell her story to someone and to let her tears come out. 
One evening, coming down from the Cruz de Hierro, I met a young Italian man. He asked me to pray for him. I think that he was wondering whether he should become a monk or a priest. We spent one hour in the middle of the forest talking about God, about faith, about Love and true Joy. 
I can't forget this English guy, about 45, who divorced and left everything behind to come on the Camino. We discussed on the way to Vilar de Mazarife and I was really sorry to leave him: he was so sad, despite of his smiling face. 
I can't forget these meetings. I keep on praying for these wonderful persons, hoping that they will find love, love from another person, but first of all love for themselves and, above all that, I pray that they'll be conscious about the huge Love of God.