Free hugs between Santiago and Sarria

My first free hugs on the camino. Very nice meetings with people from all over the world : Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Korea, Argentina, Slovaquia... But also Trinidad y Tobago, Singapore and even... Kirghizistan!
During this first week, I learned that a "real" hug should last at least 3  (or 6) seconds, and that hearts should be in contact.  

I did my best to put a big love intention in every hug. I tried to pay special attention to lonely, tired or injured pilgrims. 

I also learned to accept when people ignored or denied my hugs. Of course, they are free!  I try to bless everyone especially if they are scared, suspicious, laughing at me. But happily this doesn't happen a lot on the camino. 

A funny reaction just before I gave him a hug, a man asked me if I didn't have any bed bugs! I hope he was joking...

Pablo and his fried, from Argentina, gave me a rosary. 

Most people (especially young ones) are very open to free hugs. Elder people sometimes don't know the concept. I try to translate it in every language. 

Sometimes people give me incredible energy through their hug. I receive much more than I give !
A huge thank you to those who were so lovely to send me their picture. 

If you recognize yourself on the pictures (or if we met on the camino) please leave me a message below.