D-1: Preparing my departure

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for 40 days on the Camino. I like to do a couple of "rituals" that are already part of the trip...

Slow down and feel my roots

I learn to slow down after a busy year. I try to live every moment intensely. 
Our garden and our youngest child, Florine
Our garden and our youngest child, Florine
I feel a strong need for getting "anchored" to my home, my garden, my family, before leaving them for 7 weeks. 

Leaving everything clean behind...

Emptying my mailbox and setting up my absence message for the 2 coming months is a great moment. I feel so relieved after a year of intense work. 
I also clean my house: it makes me peaceful to know that I leave everything well tidied up behind me. 

Time to think about my bag...

Although I have been preparing my mind for a long time, I always wait until the last hours to prepare my bag. Of course, it's not my first time  on the camino and I know exactly what I need. 

The rule for a light bag : never take anything "just in case". If you don't need it everyday, leave it home. 
I repair and clean my old stuff : I hate to throw things away, even a dirty water bag!

I prepare a nice diary, decorated with pictures of the camino (of course) and with some inspiring texts and prayers (about peace). My husband and my children usually write me a note or make me a nice drawing.  
My 14 diaries written in 9 months on the way to Santiago
My 14 diaries written in 9 months on the way to Santiago
And finally, I draw my "Free Hugs" sign...
Now, I am ready to go!
And you, what do you do during the last days before you leave on the Camino ? Leave a comment below!