Be the change you want for the world

Last night, 4 days before my departure to Santiago, I was in doubt regarding my project. 
The terrific attack in Tunisia, the sadness of leaving my family for 40 days, a big cold... I really had dark thoughts. 

What does it help to walk 40 days for world peace when peace can be ruined in a few minutes by a terrorist attack?

What can my "basic" free hugs do for world peace? Isn't it naïve, simplist, idealistic? 

I was astonished when my 17 years old son told me, very seriously "Remember that philosoph (in fact, it is Gandhi) who said "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". 
Six month ago, Ferdinand was telling me that "walking for peace would never change anything". And he is now my best supporter!

Many thanks to you, my children, husband and friends, for encouraging me through a small message, a symbolic gift, a prayer... 

I have gathered most of your messages on this page (in French). 

Leave me a comment below if you wish. You can also ask me to pray for you or for something important for you.