Pilgrim passport from Santiago

I just received my pilgrim passport. It is a credeziale, delivered by the Via Francigena (way of Assise and Rome) pilgrim association. 
Of course I could have ordered my pilgrim passport at one if the many "Friends of Saint James" associations (or simply purchase it at the pilgrims office in Santiago).

But this time, I am not walking to Santiago, I walk from Santiago. Symbolically, I like the idea of taking the way followed by St Francis back to Assisi, 800 years ago. 
I contacted the Belgian Via Francigena association and they were really friendly and helpful. For a membership of 20 Eur (I had to insist to pay!), they sent me the Rome pilgrim passport, or credenziali in Italian. 

Actually, I was wrong when I thought that Via Francigena meant "Way of St Francis" : it is the way "that comes from France" and that goes to Rome, not even crossing Assisi!
The way from Santiago is showed with dotted lines on the credenziale. 

I am not sure yet wether I'll walk to Rome, Assise, home or Jerusalem. But with 40 days ahead of me, I have got time to make up my mind!