A skirt with a nice story

My violet skirt walked about 2000 km with me in France and Spain. It lasted 4 summers on the Camino, but when I arrived in Fisterra, the poor skirt was totally worn.

I liked it so much that I even wrote a blog post called "praise of my skirt", describing the many advantages of walking the camino with a long skirt.

When I decided to come back on the Camino, I looked everywhere for the same skirt. I tried eBay, I asked my firends, I looked in second hand shops... No skirt :-( Eventually, I posted a picture of my skirt on my Facebook page asking if anyone could help me.

I immediately received two proposals from friends who agreed to saw a skirt for me. Then, I received a message from Sophie with the following pictures taken in her garden. This nice orange skirt was for me...

By "chance", Sophie lives near a park where I was just going to the next day. She took the time to meet me there and... it was magic : we spent the whole afternoon talking together, while our children (the same age) were playing in the park.

A new friendship is born thanks to a simple skirt... I call this a gift ! The magic of the Camino has just started.

Colour symbolism

So, I wore a purple skirt on my way to Santiago...

Purple is the symbol of: royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, honor, arrogance, mourning, temperance.

And now, I'll wear an orange skirt on my way from Santiago.

Orange is the symbol of: energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.

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