Updating my blog on the Camino

This year, as I will be walking on the Camino from Santiago, I would like to post updates on this blog rather than on Facebook.

A blog, not Facebook

During the last 6 years, I did have a WordPress blog about the Camino. But I have never been able to update it on the Camino.
As a result, I posted all my daily news and pictures on Facebook. A few months later, this information was lost very far away in Facebook's archives. 

Jimdo, not Wordpress

This new blog runs with a CMS called Jimdo. Jimdo is very basic but also very simple to use. In addition, it provides an application for my smartphone. 

This is my first post using the app and I find it quite easy to use. 

Trying to use voice control

As it is not easy to type on a small phone screen, I use voice control to type my posts. The first results looked pretty funny :

"Hi have blog comme Bill et ben tu as été est en de Camino date"

A negative point, though, is that you need Internet connection to use voice control. Not so obvious if I sit in a field in the middle of the Meseta.

Writing in English: my new challenge

Until now, I used to blog in French. This tile, I would like to share my experience with all the people I meet on the Camino Frances, so English is a must. 

This obliges me to switch my phone dictionary and language from French to English. Otherwise, very funny words appear !

What about the photos?

Well, let's give it a try…
And now, the photo gallery…
By the way, I am writing this post while walking around home in Belgium. If you like the landscape, come and walk the Via Mosana (the camino from Aix-la-Chapelle in Germany). 

Sharing on social networks

To keep you posted, I will not forget to announce my new blog posts on Facebook & Twitter... Follow me!

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